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In this issue, we've got so much exciting news. First and foremost, learn about new features and enhancements in Adobe Target around AI and for the modern web and our soon-to-be-available updated online self-assessment tool for your optimization program. Then discover best practices from a B2B personalization pro, James Skay of SAP. Take a quick look at all the fantastic sessions in the personalization track to choose from at Adobe Summit.

Speaking of Adobe Summit, we on the Adobe Target team hope to see you there in the sessions and at the various events of the year's biggest digital marketing conference.

Drew Burns
Group Product Marketing Manager, Adobe Target
Adobe Target Delivers New Personalization Innovations
Every year before Adobe Summit, we share some new and exciting features in and enhancements to Adobe Target. This year we announced new innovations in Adobe Target that help marketers deliver their customers more impactful, personalized experiences, and help IT professionals collaborate more effectively with marketers to deliver those experiences.
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Adobe Summit
Attend the biggest professional event of the year for digital marketers.
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Community Exchange Event
Join us to network with and learn from your peers at Adobe Summit.
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Personalization Thursdays
Join us on our next webinar to preview Personalization Track at Summit and learn what's coming in Adobe Target on March 14.
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Customer Success: Spark
Learn how New Zealand telco Spark uses Adobe Target to deliver relevant, engaging customer experiences.
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Customer Spotlight
"With rules-based personalization [in B2B], the key is to interpret the visitor's behavioral signals and use all the data you have about them and their company
to determine what's important. Then add a dash of gut feel on top of that."
- James Skay, Head of Personalization, SAP
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Your Guide to the Personalization Track Sessions at Adobe Summit
Still trying to figure out which sessions in the Personalization track to attend? Use this
guide to quickly find your must-attend sessions to get inspired and gain valuable and
practical knowledge.
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New Adobe Target Features to Drive Adoption of and Gain More
Value from AI
Discover exciting new features in Adobe Target that enhance its personalization capabilities powered by Adobe Sensei AI.
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Adobe Target Announces Greater Support for the Modern Web,
Including Single Page Applications (SPA)
Plan to build or already have a single page application site? Learn about new
features in Target for these high-performance websites, including a visual experience
composer for SPAs.
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Your Personal Trainer for Personalization Program Growth and Success
Achieving any goal requires first establishing your current state. Read about our new
online self-assessment tool that lets you do that for your optimization program and
provides key next steps.
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Tips & Tricks: Using the Visual Experience Composer (VEC) for Single Page Applications in Adobe Target
We just announced the availability of the VEC for SPA in Adobe Target. Now your marketers can create tests and personalize content in SPAs in a do-it-yourself fashion without continuous development dependencies. Watch the video to discover how to use the VEC to create A/B Tests and Experience Targeting activities in apps built with popular SPA frameworks, such as React and Angular.
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Meet the team
Kimen Warner
Director, Product Management
Kimen has worked with Adobe Target almost since its inception. As head of product management, she defines the product vision with input from top customers. Kimen works with engineering to deliver projects to help customers personalize their digital experiences, and shares that with Adobe's customer-facing teams and directly with customers. She also collaborates with other product teams on projects such as integrating Target with the Adobe Experience Platform.

"Working on the Adobe Experience Cloud platform is hugely rewarding. It connects Adobe Target to the core parts of everyone's business, so our customers can make better decisions using all the data from the platform rather than just Target."

Learn about Kimen's recent work:
- New Features in Adobe Target ›
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