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This year we’ve been hard at work developing new innovative features in Adobe Target that we just announced at Adobe Summit. Read about them here, along with some deep-dive technical articles that help you get even more value from Adobe Target.

So go ahead—dig in.

Kevin Lindsay
Director of Product Marketing, Adobe Target
Adobe Target Feature Announcements at Summit—Building on Delivering Experience Optimization at Impressive Scale
This week at Adobe Summit, we announced seven groundbreaking new Adobe Target features. These features unlock the power of AI in personalization, open the personalization content pipeline, and let more people use Adobe Target in more locations, including the modern web.

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Submit your best Adobe Target story by April 9 for a chance to win and present at Adobe Summit EMEA.
Attend Adobe Summit EMEA, Europe's biggest professional event for digital marketers.
Join the webinar on April 26 to learn how to get the most from the AI capabilities in Adobe Target.
Take a look at the 2017 Experience Optimization Payoff with Adobe Target infographic.
New Adobe Target Mobile Capabilities Enable Always-on Personalization 
Learn about some of the newest features in Adobe Target that allow your brand to personalize for mobile and the modern web.
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How Emerging Tech is Revolutionizing the Customer Experience
Discover how four experience-era leaders are using augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) to create cutting-edge content that captivates and engages customers in mind-blowing ways. Then learn how you can get your business in the AR/VR game.
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Personalizing Consumer Experiences Everywhere with Adobe Target
Your customers interact with your brand beyond traditional web and mobile touchpoints, and the content you deliver them goes beyond text and images—think spoken words from Alexa or a flavor from a smart soft drink machine. Learn how to use Adobe Target wherever your customers are. 
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Hot Topics and Top Member Contributors in the Adobe Target Community
Your peers understand what matters most to you. Find out what topics were top of mind and the Top 3 member contributors to the Adobe Target Community this month.
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Tips & Tricks: Force Secure Protocol for Adobe Target Requests
1. In the Adobe Target UI, go to Setup > Implementation > Edit at.js settings
2. Paste the following code into the Library Header section:
  window.targetGlobalSettings = {
     secureOnly: true // make all mbox calls using https: 
3. Save, download the new at.js file, and deploy to your web server!
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