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In this edition of the Adobe Target Insider, I share my experience as a summer intern on the Adobe Target Product Marketing team. We also introduce Adobe Cloud Platform Auditor, a tool to help you validate that you implemented your Adobe technologies correctly. We explain how AI can push your customer journey to the next level and how to get Adobe Target certified. In addition, we hear from Rob McLaughlin of UK-based telecommunications and media company Sky on how to deliver large scale personalization to customers, and much more.

Enjoy this month's edition!

Leen Habbal
Product Marketing Intern, Adobe Target
Final boarding call: Adobe Insider Tour in Chicago, New York, and Dallas
This month, the Adobe Target product team visits Chicago, New York, and Dallas on the Adobe Insider Tour. If you live near one of these cities, come meet us face to face in this interactive event that covers recent product announcements and the product roadmap, offers breakout sessions, provides networking opportunities, and more. Learn best practices and get inspiration from the product team and your optimization peers. Sign up for the event now. Then join us and become an Adobe Target insider!
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Sign up for interactive sessions with personalization pros in a major US city near you to succeed more with Adobe Target.
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Register for and attend the Adobe Target Basics webinars for tips and tricks and Adobe Target UI best practices.
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Join the webinar on September 27 to learn how to optimize your mobile strategy with Adobe Target.
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Learn how Silicon Labs uses Adobe Target to improve the customer experiences it delivers through Adobe Experience Manager.
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Customer Spotlight
“What we’ve learned is that even with 22 million customers, the right technology solutions can help us drive personalisation at scale.“
Rob McLaughlin, Head of Digital Analytics & Decisioning, Sky
Winner of 2018 Adobe Experience Business Excellence Award

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My Summer as an Intern with the Adobe Target Product Marketing Team
Leen Habbal worked as a summer intern with Adobe Target Product Marketing. Learn about her experience, including stepping into the shoes of a new Adobe Target customer and building and launching her first test. Then discover how she used that firsthand experience to create the Adobe Target Welcome Kit, a deliverable designed to help new (and existing) customers successfully kick off their optimization journey with Adobe Target.
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Meet Auditor: Scan, Understand, and Improve your Adobe Implementation
Auditor helps you get the most out of your Adobe Experience Cloud investment by showing you if your Adobe technologies, including Adobe Target, are implemented correctly. That’s important because when you’ve implemented those technologies properly, they work better together. That empowers your brand to deliver top notch experiences.
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AI-powered personalization—above expectation, beyond imagination
Artificial intelligence (AI) can help you accurately predict what your customers will want next. It can take all the signals they’re giving you about what they want, add any other data about them that you have, and apply machine learning to that data to personalize the experience your deliver them and drive immense value for your business. 
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Achieve Adobe Certified Expert Status with New Adobe Target Exams
Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) exams for Adobe Target test and measure your ability to use Adobe Target and knowledge of optimization and personalization. Adding an ACE certification to your resume and LinkedIn profile can give you a leg up in your optimization and personalization career and serves as a key differentiator for agencies.
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Building Audiences in Adobe Target Using Profile Attribute Comparison
Want to use your offline data to build an audience in Adobe Target? The Profile Attribute Comparison feature lets you pass numeric profile values for your visitors, such as propensity scores developed by your data scientists, and dynamically compare them for each visitor to determine if they qualify for an audience. For example, define an audience of visitors with a higher propensity to buy dining room rather than living room furniture.
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Meet Our Team
Sumit Bagga
Computer Scientist
Sumit Bagga
In his role, Sumit helps support the backend for the administrative UI of Adobe Target, the solution’s delivery of offers and content, its mobile device recognition, and the Analytics for Target (A4T) integration. Sumit also lends his expertise to addressing more complex customer issues or needs, an aspect of his job that he really values. Sumit explains, “Engineers usually think ‘This is how the product should be built,’ rather than ‘What does the customer need?’ My job lets me really understand customer pain points and make sure they’re addressed in the best way possible.”

Learn about Sumit's recent work:
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